Koch Membrane Systems

Koch Membrane Systems has been fulfilling the advanced membrane filtration needs of thousands of customer worldwide, for over 30 years.

Koch’s ability to supply a vast variety of membrane products in spiral, tubular, hollow fiber, and flat sheet configurations to meet virtually every performance requirement has impressed everyone.

Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Fluid Systems was an early pioneer in reverse osmosis, and its development work in the mid-1960s contributed significantly to the commercial acceptance of the technology. Today, Fluid Systems holds numerous patents and is a recognized leader in reverse osmosis products worldwide.

The RO membranes range from 2” to 18” diameter of tube, 30” to 60” in length.

Koch Ultrafiltration Membranes

Spiral Membranes

Koch’s attention to spiral design details provides significant capital and operating cost savings. The increased flux and long-term stability created by our charged membranes result in greater and more stable productivity, requiring fewer modules and less frequent cleanings.

Specialised feedspacer development, higher packing density and enhanced bypass control by Koch’s patented flanged module, result in dramatically reduced flow requirement, further reducing your capital and operating cost through energy savings.

When retrofitted in competitors’ systems, your processes benefit from enhanced performance, extended life, dependability and increased operating efficiency.

  • Lowest capital and operaitng costs
  • Highest Productivity
  • Minimal cleaning frequency
  • Greatest long-term stability
  • Greater efficiency in performance

Tubular Membranes

Koch’s patented tubular modules are more durable, have improved long-term flux stability and provide greater productivity than existing conventional tubular modules. Advances in manufacturing techniques enable us to offer a membrane film cast support tube while still maintaining the ruggedness, reliability and membrane life critical to trouble-free, long-term operation.

  • Lower fouling with less frequent cleaning
  • Stronger construction for longer life critical to trouble-free, long-term operation
  • More reliable and less susceptible to leaking
  • Lower installation costs
  • 1" tubes are mechanically cleanable

Hollow Fiber Membranes

Koch’s patented hollow fiber modules allow a high membrane surface area to be compressed in a minimal space. The self-supporting membrane can be backflushed to maximize the efficiency of the crossfllow filtration process and maintain constant throughout. This operating feature, combined with chemical stability, ensures reliability and long life expectancy .

  • Crossflow filtration minimizes fouling and paint build-up
  • Backflushable cleaning maximizes efficiency
  • High durability for longer life
  • Lower capital cost
Koch formulates its KOCHKLEEN membrane cleaners specifically to Remove the organic and inorganic foulants found in industrial wastewater applications. The unique line of acid, alkaline, surfactant blend and oxidizer membrane cleaners thoroughly clean most membrane types. Whether your system includes tubular, spiral, hollow-fiber configurations used for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis, we supply the cleaning solution for you.



We design and build our UV systems with an in-depth knowledge of the properties of ultraviolet lights & its effect on water and its contents. Our knowledge of UV and water contaminants combined with our precision engineering, design and manufacturing, results in ultraviolet systems that consistently achieve top performance and reliability. Our UV systems are in use around the world, in a wide variety of operating environments and applications.

Ultraviolet Disinfection

TOC Reduction


Wedeco develops, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art ozone systems for water treatment, industrial processes and waste gases. Wedeco has thousands of installation worldwide, including the world largest ozone system with a capacity of more than 700 kg/h.


Cartridge Filter

We offer a broard selection of high performance filtration products. The filter manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 registered, assuring top quality to meet customer’s needs.

We offer an extensive line of housings to provide cost effective solutions for liquid applications. With filters suitable for common industrial, high-purity water and other critical process streams, our liquid process filters service a wide array of applications in the beverage, chemical, microelectronics, and biopharmaceutical markets.

Our liquid process filters are available in a wide range of media types, cartridge designs, micron ratings and configurations to optimize filtration efficiency while providing dependable performance and long service life.
Our membrane filters are constructed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes an ISO Class 7 clean room to meet the most demanding customer requirements.
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